Building you a better brain.

Oculo helps you see how and when your brain works best.

Your brain is drained. It's time to plug in

Oculo uses eye-tracking, sleep data, and AI to understand when your brain is tired and how to make the most of its performance.

Take a daily eye-tracking test

A 30-second eye tracking test helps us calculate your Brain Burn, a metric we designed to show you how tired your brain is over days, weeks, months, and beyond.

Sync your sleep data

Along with Brain Burn, we use your nightly sleep data to personalize insights in the form of Ultradian Rhythms that tell you when you're most productive and focused.

Gain personalized insights

With everyday use, Oculo delivers daily and long-term insights that help you change your lifestyle to promote a healthier, more productive brain.

You take care of your body, why not take care of your brain